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Winnebago Outlook Promises to Be the Most Affordable Class C Motorhome
These days, it seems everyone wants to get out of the house, and it doesn’t even matter where anymore. To do that, you’ll probably want a motorhome, but are you ready to give up an arm and a leg?

Winnebago Outlook Promises to Be the Most Affordable Class C Motorhome

Outlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C MotorhomeOutlook Class C Motorhome
If you’re one of the less-fortunate humans, with an outstanding college debt following you around wherever you go, then you probably don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy an extravagant motorhome. At the same time, you don’t want something that’s going to fall apart on the first drive into the woods.

What you see is the Outlook Class C motorhome, the most affordable option from the class produced by Winnebago. There is no need to remind everyone who this team is, but in case you’re not sure, Winnebago has become one of the go-to crews for motorhomes due to its experience of over 60 years of trial and error.

The Outlook starts as the cheapest option for a Class C family motorhome, a sought after category as it utilizes a cab chassis, something most folks are accustomed to. Like other vehicles of this type, multiple floorplans are available. Depending on the layout you choose, a Ford E350 or E450 chassis with a 350-hp (355-PS) 7.3-liter V8 engine will be available. A TorqShift 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive is enough to move the giant structure but also to tow an extra 7,500 lbs (3,402 kg) of goods.

Like all other vehicles this team creates for its future customers, the features are limitless. The cab alone includes airbags for both driver and passenger, radio, rearview monitor with integrated multi-function touchscreen, remote keyless entry, and even Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Electronic stability control, hill start assist, traction control, and adaptive cruise control will be offering some ease of operation. Keeping you safe are emergency braking, distance alert, driver monitoring, forward collision warning, and lane departure warning. Options like exterior mirrors with electric remote adjustment and defrost are also available.

Inside the home, as no other word describes it best, you’ll find everything you need to survive, provided that you’ve got the money for gas. Since I like to cook, I'll be addressing the kitchen first. A three-burner range top with stainless-steel sink in either a single or double bowl design offers plenty of room to cook for up to six guests. There’s also a residential size fridge and freezer, microwave oven, thermoformed countertops, and a flip-up counter extension.

Once you’ve cooked your meal, you can enjoy it in the dining area. Depending on the floorplan, a booth and table can easily be transformed into a sleeping area fit for two guests, and a couch or theater seating can also be included in this area. Plenty of storage space is available for goods and utensils.

Once you’re nice and fed, you'll probably want to take a nap. To get the rest you need, be it from a siesta or a night’s rest, there are multiple sleeping areas at your disposal. You already know of the dining area, but there’s a cab-over space too. Don’t forget the double bed found in the bedroom, equipped with a wardrobe and plenty of storage overhead. A couple of reading lights are also built into the furnishings.

As for the restroom, when I first saw it, I thought my browser had glitched, and I was now looking at apartment rentals in my area. Seriously, I live in a studio apartment, and this bathroom seems to be more spacious. Heck, I wish I had a skylight in my bathroom.

Whenever you go out and spend $92,993 on a vehicle (that's the starting price for the Outlook), you can expect it to include absolutely everything you need in terms of comfort systems. Don’t worry, the Outlook has everything. Heating and cooling are covered by a 20,000 BTU furnace and Coleman Mach AC units. Electrical systems include solar panel and battery wire prep, a 1,000-watt AC/DC inverter with remote control, 4,000-watt Cummins Onan gas generator, 30-amp power cord, and AC/DC load center, just to name a few.

If I were to continue with the list of features the Outlook includes and the equally long list of options Winnebago offers, you would be here for some time. Not that this would be an issue, but I think your interest has already been sparked.

If you’ve ever wanted to get yourself a motorhome but never really had the pockets to get into the game, this vehicle is one to consider.


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