Winnebago and Adventure Wagon Team Up To Create the Ultimate "Adventure-Ready Vans"

If you read the title properly, then you picked up that Winnebago and Adventure Wagon have teamed up to create a different kind of RV than we may be used to from the timeless motorhome and camper manufacturer. But who the heck is Adventure Wagon, and how did they get into Winnebago's good spirits so fast?
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Well, if the name Adventure Wagon (AW) is new to you, you aren't alone; I, for one, envelope myself with RV news daily, and it wasn't until this collaboration was announced that I heard of this brand. Based in Portland, Oregon, AW saw its beginnings in 2014, and due to the nature of its work, it quickly cemented a name for itself in the RV industry. The main reason for their success is the sort of gear and features they bring to off-road and off-grid seekers.

Just about every product they build is designed to be light, modular, and, above all, as affordable as possible. Oh, and you can either pick up separate features and integrate them into your existing machine, build an entire van from scratch, or simply buy an already-built version, all with the Adventure Wagon touch that brought them to where they are today.

If that's not enough to help you realize that this team means business, Winnebago's attraction to their abilities should help ease any doubts in your mind. Best of all, the purpose of this collaboration is simple: to create the most "versatile adventure-ready vans" around. Heck, Winnebago has been seeking to create the perfect adventure machines since 1958, so coupled with AW's slightly more modern approach to RVing, it's no wonder we're in for a real treat.

Now, the new edition seems to be the sort of vehicle that's celebrating Winnebago's 65th birthday, and anytime companies celebrate such events, we're typically in for something different altogether – and judging by the images in the gallery and Winnebago's history, you know that this one is a tad different than how the famed manufacturer typically rolls.

Winnebago \+ Adventure Wagon
Photo: Winnebago Industries
Everything starts off with nothing more than a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 170 chassis. While that's not such big news, what is important is how the interior is designed and arranged. It's actually here that we witness AW's magic and the reasons why Winnebago chose to shake hands with this team.

For example, every fresh van completed with this packaging includes AW's Modular Interior System. Basically, what we have here is a setup that practically allows you to change the positioning of features inside your unit based on your needs and wants, allowing you to pack accordingly for the adventures at hand, even if that means taking your kids to school.

This is thanks to the specially designed A-Frame AW integrated into each unit they tamper with. Once an L-Track (Logistical Track) is placed on top of said bracers, just how wild of an interior you build only comes down to how compact of a lifestyle you like or need to live.

In case you don't understand what the L-Track does and how it works, all you need to know is that the rest of AW's gear, the Mule bags, MOAB beds, including the elevator version, and even galley setups, all use the rails found lining the walls of the unit. Just think about what you can do with something like this: one weekend, you're out there with the kids, and the next, the other loves of your life, e-bikes or motorcycles. Maybe you want to go skiing or snowboarding, considering the northern hemisphere is almost covered in snow right now.

Diving further into what this limited-edition model offers us, we're told that even some of Winnebago's gear is suited for use with the L-Track system. Why is this important for both teams, not just one or the other? Because it ensures that future customers could be one of two kinds, diehard Winnebago fans or Adventure Wagon lovers.

Winnebago \+ Adventure Wagon
Photo: Winnebago Industries
Now, if I were to sum up everything in just one word, I'd use "perfect" to describe what has been achieved. But I'm the sort of guy that prefers functionality above comfort, and while this version screams versatility and modularity, it may be lacking a certain pizzazz that Winnebago has grown to be known for. So for folks looking for a hands-off unit that just does things at the press of a button, this may not be what you want. Instead, the Winnebago + Adventure wagon edition is more for people that want a bare canvas upon which to paint their perfect idea of mobile living. Just how much this canvas will cost isn't yet revealed, but Spring 2023 will square everything off, as that's when you can grab a version from select Winnebago dealerships.

And that's not even the end of the story here, either. As I explored the details of this project, I happened to notice a familiar name, EcoFlow, and the reason being is that Adventure Wagon also throws the 3.6 kWh Delta Pro generator into the mix. This is a system I, too, own, and with it, I don't know how to say this, but you can even take your refrigerator and washing machine on off-grid journeys. I love seeing proven and tested gear hard at work, changing other people's lives.

Come to think of it, that's what mobile living is all about; change. Be it that you want to change the scenery for a few days to weeks or you want a mobile habitat that changes with you. Wherever your journey takes you, the model that Winnebago + Adventure Wagon is showing us should do just fine in rolling with the punches.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Adventure Wagon conversions and interiors.

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