Wingamm Announces Their Newest Machine, and It's Available Only to American Customers

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Photo: Wingamm USA
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Back in 1977, Europe ended up seeing the birth of Wingamm, the luxury RV and camper brand from Italy. Well, fast-forward to now, and this brand has recently announced that American on-road lifers will now have the possibility to get their hands on one of the most beloved models, and it's all tuned for American roads and lifestyles.
Yup, Italy's Wingamm is now making one hell of a solid move toward capturing America's on-road living lovers, and to do this, they're taking the Oasi 540.1 and adapting it to give Americans what they've been asking for all along. But is it? Let's find out.

First and foremost, it's important to note that the main attractive feature of this machine is the fact that it's classified as a Class B RV, not a Class C! Yes, it's a camper van and one that's aimed at modern nomadic couples. But Wingamm is a symbol of luxury and high-class living, so expect this one to blow away the competition in terms of capability and price.

Now, the version currently being shown on Wingamm's US website is still the base vehicle used over in Europe, a Fiat Ducato. However, Wingamm's sneak peek into the US versions shows a Ram as the chassis, and that's all we really know about the base vehicle, for now, that is. But, the same European-born interior is in place, so let's dive into what a life lived out of an Oasi 540.1 could be like.

Oasi 540\.1
Photo: Wingamm USA
For this, I'd like to invite you to take a moment out of your busy day and picture yourself in the center of what you see in the image gallery. Up next, ditch the urban setting for some picturesque vineyard scenery; Southern California will do just fine. Park your Oasi, stretch your legs, and take in the view.

From here, there are two ways we can go about things: either unloading things like e-bikes and setting up a quaint little outdoor dining area or heading inside to relax after a long drive. For the sake of argument, the dining setup is already there, and it's the interior that we'll be focusing on.

While the interior of this cargo van may seem small compared to other RVs on the market, Wingamm can include all the necessities of a home through decades of know-how and a flair for interior design.

One way this is made possible is by moving the bedroom up and out of the way of the living area with an ingenious lift system. This frees up the rest of the unit for features like that large L-shaped dinette and table, a galley block, wardrobe, and even a complete wet bath.

Oasi 540\.1
Photo: Wingamm USA
This is made possible by the way Wingamm does cab-overs. Suppose you've noticed the images in the gallery. In that case, you will have seen no wall between the cab and living space, and the bed hides neatly stuck to the roof, only becoming a true "cab-over" during sleeping hours. As an alternative, just in case things don't go well with the Mrs. on a particular day, the dinette can transform into a single bed, too.

But to make up for an argument, you can whip up a perfect meal at the modern and stylish galley block. Prepare your meat and veggies on a large countertop and porcelain sink and cook them on a two-burner top. A fridge and beautiful cabinetry are there to aid in all endeavors; pop open a bottle of wine, drop the window shades, and use the internal LED backlighting to give off the perfect glow to your make-up dinner.

With the waters now settled and night upon you, it's time to get ready for the evening. While one of you prepares the bedroom, the other will be taking a shower with a view of the lights flickering in the vineyard through a large window.

Now, I normally wouldn't be making a big deal out of a toilet, but it's important to note a bit about what Wingamm has in store here. What they've done with the 540.1 is include a "revolutionary" sewage system that breaks down into an easy-to-dispose liquid that can be emptied into any landlocked bathroom and flushed. There's even thermal heating in the bathroom, but this feature extends to the rest of the home, too. Yes, I feel it's safe to say that we can call the OAsi 540.1 a "home."

Oasi 540\.1
Photo: Wingamm USA
Once you double this heating setup with the monocoque fiberglass shell of the unit, we're looking at an all-season motorhome that's going to be nice and toasty whenever or wherever you are traveling. Hop into the bed and sleep tight, but only after a view of the stars above through that sunroof.

The next day, you'll hop out of bed, throw on a pot of coffee or tea, swing open the side door for a blast of fresh air, and raise the bed while your significant other is still in there, just to mess with them; just make sure no one gets hurt. Change into your cycling gear, head outside, grab the e-bikes, and discover some of the world's hidden wonders. All the while, the Oasi will be there waiting for your return with batteries recharged and ready for your next destination.

But how much can we expect to pay for one of these babies? Well, it depends on several aspects, including dealership pockets and features. However, sources state that these babies start at around $180K (around €165K at current exchange rates) a pop. After all, it's a luxury motorhome and one that's worthy of the title "home."

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Oasi 540.1 models and features.

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