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Will This Pontiac Fiero Monster Send Ferrari’s Legal Team Into Overdrive?

If we'd name two car brands that have absolutely nothing in common, then we would go for the Pontiac-Ferrari duo. The two have just as many chances of being pitted against one another as the Sun has of catching up to the Moon someday. Yet in someone’s mind, such a connection was made.
Pontiac Fiero custom coupe 6 photos
1984 Pontiac Fiero Custom1984 Pontiac Fiero Custom1984 Pontiac Fiero Custom1984 Pontiac Fiero Custom1984 Pontiac Fiero Custom
At the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, held in January, one particular build stood out among thousands of other cars thanks to it being an insane mashup. Officially, the car still is a Pontiac Fiero, but few would still recognize it as such.

Aptly called the Pontiac Fiero Custom coupe, the monstrosity is built around a 1984 Fiero body. It was however gifted with a Chevrolet Blazer chassis and oversized wheels, so it now looks more like a monster truck than anything else.

What’s even weirder about it is the fact that the said body was modified as well, only this time not to match any American-made car, but the much more elegant and vibrant Ferrari Testarossa.

The European car served as a source for some of the build’s lines, but also for the Ferrari badges stuck to the sides and on the hood. To make sure nobody mistakes this monster truck for something else, the name of the Prancing horse is also written in bold, large letters all across the rear end.

Now, we’re not sure how this sits with Ferrari’s legal team, the group tasked with protecting not only the carmaker’s intellectual property, but also its public image.

For the record, someone paid $6,050 in January for this car, and so far we’ve heard nothing about the Italians going after the builder, the seller, the buyer, or the auction house that facilitated their meeting.

Maybe that’s because they’re currently busy going after a non-profit charity called the Purosangue Foundation, which registered the word Purosangue for a line of clothing and other products. As you might know, Ferrari needs that name for its upcoming SUV.


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