Will BMW Make the 2 Series Front-Wheel Drive?

A while back the media was reporting that BMW will be using only two modular platforms for its entire range in the future: the UKL and 35UP. According to the initial news, all cars up and above the 3 Series model will be kept rear-wheel-drive while all other will be front-wheel-drive.
BMW 2 Series Coupe 1 photo
That leaves the acclaimed 2 Series in somewhat of a dead spot. The car was praised by almost every journalist out there for its balanced chassis and exquisite driving dynamics. Thanks to its compact size, it was seen by many as a return to basics from BMW.

However, it’s slotted beneath the 3 Series and that would normally mean that it should ‘evolve’ towards the front-wheel-drive architecture we all hate so much. The next model should be built on the UKL platform, right? After all, the 2 Series Active Tourer is it and so will the 1 Series, X1 and X2 models.

Apparently, this is the source of some really heated discussions in the BMW Management Board, according to various insiders. While some want the 2 Series to remain RWD, other say that the cost of keeping it this way might be too much.

Considering that the UKL platform is supposed to be modular, we’re guessing that there has to be a way to make it compatible with RWD cars. If the 1 Series Sedan would follow the same recipe, half the problems will be solved.

Unfortunately, the Sedan was already spotted testing on public roads so we’re guessing that a decision for that model was already made. We’re also 99 percent sure that it will be front-wheel drive, as our source inside BMW tells us so the battle seems to be almost lost. Yet, the final decision for the 2 Series is to be decided upon by the Board of Directors later this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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