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Widespread Glitch Turns Waze Into a Nightmare for CarPlay Users

Waze issues are plaguing Apple CarPlay after a recent update, with users complaining the app fails to load, freezes in the middle of the drive, or fails to receive input no matter what.
Waze on the CarPlay dashboard 1 photo
The problems appeared after installing iOS 14.4, though right now, it’s still not clear if the operating system update is the one to blame for the glitch or not.

One thing is for sure, though: lots of CarPlay users can no longer run Waze, and this thread on reddit shows the problem might be more widespread than initially thought.

In most cases, Waze simply refuses to launch, while for others, it freezes all of a sudden despite everything working correctly. Some claim the app no longer receives input, so it’s impossible to set up a new route or send a report, and on rare occasions, it gets unresponsive and fails to update the location.

Same here weeks ago. I emailed Waze Support and sent them the logs they asked for. They said they’re aware of the situation and working it but no deadline on when it will be fixed,” one reddit user said.

Waze is acting up on CarPlay for me too, though the behavior is a little different. Very often, it just loses the GPS tracking and thus fails to determine my location, which means the app is pretty much useless when it comes to providing navigation instructions. Closing and reopening Waze sometimes corrects this problem.

Most recently, however, it started to refuse input as well, so while the app is running and it updates my location in real-time, tapping the screen has no result, and therefore I’m not able to set a new route. Again, closing and reopening the app on my iPhone restores the whole thing temporarily.

Sometimes, the workaround is setting up a route on my iPhone and then using Waze on the head unit, though simply sending a report could cause it to freeze again.


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