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Widebody Toyota Camry Howls at the Moon in CGI, Looks Tremendously JDM

The eighth-generation Camry, code-named XV70, is not only the best (obviously) iteration of this nameplate, but also its most appealing from a global perspective. It was launched back in 2017, riding on the carmaker’s TNGA GA-K platform, shared with the Avalon and the Lexus ES.
Toyota Camry widebody rendering 6 photos
Toyota Camry widebody renderingToyota Camry widebody renderingToyota Camry widebody renderingToyota Camry widebody renderingToyota Camry widebody rendering
In the United States, a little over 600,000 units were moved in the past two years alone. In 2021, the Camry topped the charts in the midsize segment, with 313,795 units sold. The likes of the Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and even the Tesla Model 3, while successful, can’t even hope to match the Camry’s numbers, let alone surpass them.

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that one of the major reasons why this latest-generation Camry has proven so appealing is because of its looks.

Sure, it’s a Toyota, it’s got brand recognition, and it’s reliable, safe and tech-savvy, but thanks to its surprisingly dynamic-looking exterior, the Japanese brand even dared to use the slogan ‘Cure for the common commute’ on the Camry’s official U.S. website.

That phrase would have sounded ridiculous more than 5 years ago, but not anymore, at least to some extent.

Another interesting aspect regarding the Camry is that you can also play around with its design in several new and creative ways, both in real life as well as through renderings.

The latter is what we’re dealing with here, as ildar_project decided to add a beefy widebody kit to this midsize Toyota, while also lowering the ride height, giving it custom wheels and a few other aerodynamic elements, like a large rear wing or an equally large rear diffuser.

Such a car would look great at SEMA, but on the road, it wouldn’t be all that practical. You can buy factory-standard versions of the Camry that look sportier right out the gate though, like the SE Nightshade Edition, and especially the 2022 TRD spec version, which retails from $32,460 and comes with 19-inch TRD matte black wheels, TRD gloss black front splitter, side aero skirts and a rear diffuser with red pinstriping.


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