Widebody Skoda Octavia RS Rendering Looks Better Than Everything

The 3rd generation Octavia RS came out roughly six years ago has been adored by fans. It's just as "underpowered" as the Golf GTI and GTD, but that means you're getting VW's technology in the most practical package you could ask for.
Widebody Skoda Octavia RS Rendering Looks Better Than Everything 2 photos
Widebody Skoda Octavia RS Rendering Looks Better Than Everything
As far as we know, about a quarter of all Octavia sales in the UK wear the vRS badge, and the model is very popular through Europe. Like anything from the VW Group, it's also popular with tuners, who have given it a variety of engine upgrades and custom wheels. But we haven't seen that many body kits.

Even ABT, who used to be known for ugly grille replacements, has stopped messing with iconic designs. Which means if you want to stand out, all you can do is get it wrapped.

But one car arts decided to show us what should have been done from the start. His name is Rostislav Prokop and this fellow specializes in 3D models, not the usual Photoshop renderings. This means that you could probably call him up and ask for the Octavia RS widebody kit CAD files.

His idea is simple: leave the iconic front end as it was and just beef up the fenders with inserts. This means you don't need to mess with the parking sensors, lights, and too many screws.

The front features large intakes that remind us of several Audi concepts, such as the TT clubsport. Meanwhile, the back of the wagon has inserts over the doors and a cut out that allows you to see some wide drag radials.

Save for a few old 1.9 TDI projects, the Octavia hasn't been a target for drag race conversions. But we have seen people successfully installing the RS3 2.5-liter engine and an AWD system. Maybe this is what they need next.


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