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Widebody Ruf CTR2 Has Aero Arches, Looks Like a Snake

No, Ruf is not a tuner. Instead, we're talking about an independent developer, one who gifts its machines with dedicated vehicle identification numbers.
Widebody Ruf CTR2 rendering 4 photos
Widebody Ruf CTR2 renderingWidebody Ruf CTR2 renderingWidebody Ruf CTR2 rendering
And it's not just about the extensive mods targeting all the areas of a Porsche, but also about the splendid balance that has been perfected since the company, which was founded back in 1939, started working on Zuffenhausen machines (that would be the 1960s).

All of the above have convinced Porsche, who is one of the most conservative performance automakers out there, to collaborate with Ruf. However, it seems that this kind of adventure still isn't enough for those extreme corners of the Internet. And this is how we end up with renderings such as the one staring at us from behind the screen.

The pixel play we have here takes the air-cooled masterpiece that is the Ruf CTR2 (this is based on the 930 Neunelfer) and gifts it with a widebody take.

Of course, throwing on some fat arches and calling it a day wouldn't cut it for such a special project.

This is why Khyzyl Saleem, the digital artist behind the eye candy, decided to introduce aero work on the said arches, while also throwing in other elements, such as a generously-sized lip spoiler.

Then we have the connection to the road, which has been completely redefined. For one thing, judging by the stance of the car, this now sits on lowering springs, with the fat lips of the custom wheels barely clearing the arches, just like the slammed community loves it (yes, this also involves the kind of negative camber angle that will split opinions with ease).

However, if you feel upset after checking out this render, you can simply consider it an experiment, with the said artist currently working to polish his skills in a wonderful piece of software called Corona Renderer (if you're willing to check out some of his Photoshop work, here's an example as good as any).


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