Widebody Porsche 959 Rendering Looks Like the RWB Supercar

Widebody Porsche 959 Rendering Looks Like the RWB Supercar 4 photos
Photo: Rostislav Prokop
Widebody Porsche 959 Rendering Looks Like the RWB SupercarWidebody Porsche 959 Rendering Looks Like the RWB SupercarWidebody Porsche 959 Rendering Looks Like the RWB Supercar
The Porsche 959 is one of the supercars that made the 1980s so interesting. You had the crazy Ferraris with screaming engines racing against this technological marvel, and auto magazines literally didn't want to talk about anything else.
Listen, we can sit here arguing whether the F40 is better. Or we could just admit the 959 is cut from a completely different cloth, one which other automakers couldn't replicate for at least a decade.

Like the F40, the Porsche 959 is so rare and expensive that customizing one is like committing a crime. So for some crazy widebody looks, you have to go into the digital world. It wouldn't be Porsche Month without at least one such rendering.

The German supercar was among the first production vehicles to hit 200 miles per hour. Porsche only made about 300 of them and sold each one for up to $300,000, even though it cost about double that to make.

Famously, the car was never legal in America because Porsche didn't want to offer the four vehicles needed to pass crash tests. Bill Gates famously loved the Porsche 959 so much that he created a loophole that bypassed the "25-year rule."

There's obviously never been an RWB Porsche 959. However, this rendering by Rostislav Prokop could easily pass off as one. It's got the same kind of wide fenders which probably require cutting of the body as part of the installation. Thankfully, the supercar already has some really pronounced side sills. and the necessary big wing at the back.

Ironically, the most custom 959 you can have requires a $750,000 restomod package from Bruce Canepa. This is ironic because Canepa and his knowledge of Porsche were instrumental in creating Gates' little loophole.

Besides a complete teardown and re-paint of the 1980s icon, Canepa's tuning package also means tuning the 2.85-liter flat-six engine from 450 horsepower to 763 hp and 635 pound-feet of torque. As expensive and extreme as this sounds, more than 10 people have asked for this makeover.
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