Widebody Hemi Cuda "Old Dog" Shows Some New Tricks

Despite the ever-increasing environmental pressure, new-age muscle cars continue to thrive, with their badassery having reached levels that might've seemed unimaginable in the 80s or 90s. Of course, the popularity of these American symbols is also related to the symbiotic relationship they have with the muscle monsters of the 60s and 70s, which means the latter have also seen their fan base growing. So how about a mix between the two generations?
Widebody Hemi Cuda "Old Dog" rendering 4 photos
Widebody Hemi Cuda "Old Dog" renderingWidebody Hemi Cuda "Old Dog" renderingWidebody Hemi Cuda "Old Dog" rendering
The melanges that bring together retro and new-age muscle cars can be split into two main categories: the first revolves around actual builds (here's a Mopar example for you), while the second involves renderings - the pixel works and real-world projects are sometimes connected, but this is another story for another time.

Well, we are now here to discuss a rendering that gifts an infamous old-school machine with new-age aero tweaks. The starting point for this eye candy is the Hemi Cuda, a vehicle whose fame outshines that of the entire Plymouth brand that used to host it.

The pixel painting involves a Hemi Cuda that has been given a widebody conversion, the kind you'd expect to find on contemporary machines (while this kind of arches can be found on new-age muscle cars, it's not exactly a popular choice).

Looking past the extra-muscular fenders, we notice the way in which the lower front apon of the Plymouth has grown into an air dam. And, whether you're a purist who would take the factory model over this one any day, or you happen to enjoy the blend, you have to admit this sort of integration deserves a round of applause.

And that should go to Danny Berry, the 22-yearl-old digital artist who came up with these pixels - if you'd like to see more of the pixel master's work, you can check out this also-widebody 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona.

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Widebody Plymouth HEMI Cuda, gotta love mopars, especially classic mopars, this one in particular Is one of my top 10 muscle cars. So side note I’ve mentioned before, I’m reopening my commissions and requests, so if you want either a personalized request on your car or just a request of a car you would like to see me do, My DM’s are open, we can talk pricing there, I do my own thing and take a few things that you want and add them to the render etc Wheels, anyway just thought I’d mention this Oû #plymouth #hemicuda #hemi #cuda #mopar #moparnation #moparperformance #americanmuscle #musclecars #classiccars #carthrottle #3D #blacklist #carlifestyle #speedhunters #stancenation #stanceworks #art #stance #loweredlifestyle #toyotires #modifiedcars #modifiedsociety #carswithoutlimits #automotive #design #carphotography #dannyberrydesigns

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