Widebody Carbon Chevy Camaro Digitally Expresses Its Neo-JDM Racer Feelings

Unless you’re a diehard fan, maybe interpreting the golden years of Japan’s car culture will also necessitate the use of a glossary to navigate the various monikers.
Chevrolet Camaro CGI JDM tuning by trapndeth 8 photos
Photo: trapndeth / Instagram
Chevrolet Camaro CGI JDM tuning by trapndethChevrolet Camaro CGI JDM tuning by trapndethChevrolet Camaro CGI JDM tuning by trapndethFerrari 412 CGI JDM tuning by trapndethFerrari 412 CGI JDM tuning by trapndethFerrari 412 CGI JDM tuning by trapndethR34 Skyline & Mustang Touge drifting CGI by trapndeth
For example, a ‘Shakotan’ car is a vehicle that was recrafted to get as low to the ground as possible, ‘Bosozoku’ refers to crazy custom ways of making sedans, coupes, and many other JDMs (including vans or even trucks) ‘glow up’ in many wonderous or horrific ways (it all depends on your POV). Plus, there are also ‘Kyushas’ (aka old cars), or Kaido racers, which are often mistaken for Bosozokus but are actually quite different. Well, no worries, sometimes we get confused too.

Anyway, the separation of all these terms and classes of the Japanese car subculture is most important in the real world and when trying to impress someone who knows their stuff – not necessarily Han from the Fast & Furious movie franchise. But for all intents and purposes, boundaries are usually severely blurred when mixing these rides with the imaginative realm of digital car content creators.

And there is no need to take our word for granted, as we have an eloquent CGI example, or two. So, here is TRAPNDETH, the virtual artist who wants to “trap death to stay alive” (aka trapndeth on social media), coming up with a fresh idea on how to crazily retcon a couple of old-to-new school digital projects. He/she is certainly the extreme-artsy type, as we can clearly see from his/her most recent dreams, which even include a heavily modified tandem of an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R and Ford Mustang involved in red/white widebody ‘touge’ drifting.

They’re embedded second below, no worries, but we still need to focus on the other two crazy ideas. Which, coincidence or not, are also of the red and white variety. Only the imagined Ferrari 412 tucked in the gallery above features an Americana-style Candy Red paintjob instead of its traditional vintage Euro sports car atmosphere. Speaking of the latter, the setup is complemented by the incredibly low stance, aftermarket wheels, extreme aerodynamic kit, plus some carbon fiber and a thorough widebody treatment.

If you think that was bonkers, there is a second confirmation by way of the white Chevy Camaro racer that bundles all those JDM terms in a bid to reach neo-vintage glory and find a place in the artist’s pantheon of slammed widebody carbon fiber transformations. Well, this is certainly not your regular type of Americana restomod, that is for sure. And while, unfortunately, we have no idea what hides under the canard-sporting hood, maybe it is time to decide if it is worthy of our CGI hall pass, or not?

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