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Widebody BMW 3 Series Touring Is Out of This World

At the 2013 SEMA Show every possible desire was satisfied. From screens fitted into bumpers to widebody Minis, everyone was able to find something they liked.
Widebody BMW E91 Touring 2 photos
Widebody BMW E91 3 Series Touring
However, that doesn’t mean that everything made sense. Some cars were done just to show people it was possible and had absolutely nothing to do with functionality. Everything was for show.

One of those cars was a rather unique BMW E91 Touring with a LTMW widebody kit. Why would anyone fit such a kit on a car that is supposed to carry a lot of luggage and be practical before anything else?

I’ll tell you why: because it’s possible! We’re sure the owner doesn’t really need all those extra parts and they mostly get in the way, but for exhibition purposes, some things can be left out. Things like... common sense.

In the end, the expected result was reached as a lot of people were checking out the awkward creation, ourselves included.


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