Widebody Alpine A110 Will Offend, Looks Sexy Anyway

Widebody Alpine A110 Will Offend, Looks Sexy Anyway 2 photos
Photo: Rostislav Prokop
Widebody Alpine A110 Will Offend, Looks Sexy Anyway
We don't know if you realize this, but while the modern A110 sports car does a good job of evoking the original Alpine, it's not a carbon copy. Almost 60 years ago, the French creation was tiny and virtually impossible impractical by today's standards.
You needed to be a contortionist to get inside one, for starters. It also had only about 95 horsepower, which is a fraction of what the modern one makes. So you can shut up about Renault not using the V6 you wanted. Alpine made a successful road racer that won the Monte Carlo rally. But its 2019 equivalent is better in many ways.

Why stop there? Despite a very successful launch, Alpine isn't exactly rolling in cash, so it wasn't able to pull out all the stops. Sure, there's the new A110S, which has a 292 HP motor with a bigger turbo and 4mm less ride height, but we want something radical, along the lines of what the Toyota Supra community is doing.

Comparing them feels a little strange, but they are direct rivals in a very small sports car market. They cost about the same and offer relatively similar performance. But the main difference is that while the 2020 Supra comes from a long line of modified motors built for hooning, the A110 is a collectible classic. You buy it not to enjoy the drive, but as an investment which will eventually increase its value.

Still, that didn't stop a few people from modifying the Alfa Romeo 4C, which is arguably even an even more interesting sports car, but without the direct heritage connection. Most of them were from Italian or German coachbuilders since no tuning company is dumb enough to make a body kit for a non-existent market.

The same goes for this widebody Alpine A110 rendering, made by Rostislav Prokop. Unless you can magically grab one that's been crashed for Ford Focus money, cutting open the aluminum body is financial suicide. But hey, you can't take it with you, right?

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