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Widebody 2017 Ford GT Looks Surreal in This Rendering, Liberty Walk Aroma Is Strong

When we first came across the rendering above, we spent quite a bit of time wondering why anybody would want to mess with the extreme aerodynamics of the 2017 Ford GT, should such a project ever become reality.
Widebody 2017 Ford GT rendering 1 photo
Well, it didn’t take long for us to come up with plenty of answers to that question, so here we are, sharing them with you.

The rendering, which comes from pixel master Khyzyl Saleem, shows us the Ford GT wearing a set of extremely generous wheel arches, while the front splitter and the NASCAR-like tail complete the visual assault.

The first reason we’d like to see such a contraption on the street is the sheer insanity of the project. Ford Performance engineers built the GT around its aerodynamics, with the word “fuselage” being the first that comes to mind when seeing the sports car in the flesh.

With the proper aerodynamic research, a tuning project that would take up the challenge of using the Ford GT as a base could easily grab our undivided attention.

Come to think of it, the aero bits we see rendered here resemble the Liberty Walk kits - the Japanese aftermarket developer has seen its international reach booming over the last few years. Their kits have been installed on machines as spicy as the Lamborghini Aventador, which just happens to be a competitor to the Blue Oval’s halo car.

However, we still don’t see the point of installing a fixed wing instead of an active one on such a machine, especially given the extreme angle present on certain Liberty Walk kits.

Since vehicles that play at this power level (the GT will pack north of 600 hp) heavily rely on aerodynamics, we’ve left the aesthetic reason for the end of the story. It’s hard to look at this contraption and keep yourself from instantly developing a fantasy, one that involves carbon fiber reinforced plastic.


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