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Why Wearing Good Riding Gear Is so Important

Many riders ignore the importance of wearing proper gear in their outings, but sometimes things go way worse than these fellows expect. Some of them are lucky and make it with minor injuries and a lesson learned the easy way, but not everyone is…
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For example, the chap in this video most likely never thought that he could end up in such a predicament. Riding a snowmobile with your buddies up and down the slopes in the most casual way predicted nothing from what was about to happen.

And even some small air times should not be a real problem, especially for people who were not riding a snowmobile for the very first time in their life. Still, riding is full of surprises, and some of them are truly unpleasant, as he soon fund out.

Luckily, it appears like he did in fact wear decent riding gear. Casual clothes would not have resisted that long to the brutal forces of a revved-up snowmobile track pressing and literally digging through the textile layers.

Seeing his back only scraped a bit and bruised can almost be considered a win, as I don’t even want to imagine how would his back look like in case he wore a casual jacket. Again, going off the road (and sometimes even on casual rides) with one or two buddies proves to be a very good idea.

Considering that the sled’s throttle did not roll off as the rider lost control of the bike, the other guy’s intervention was a critical one, especially as the fellow pinned under the snowmobile didn’t seem to be able to do much.

Videos like this one should definitely be a part of safety training courses, as they provide a very visual, direct approach to what can happen even when nothing seems to happen, if you catch my drift.

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