Why We Believe This Type of Stunts Are Rather Pathetic...

The fact that we don't agree with illegal stunts in daily traffic is not new. Even more, we disapprove so much with this type of riding that at times, we tend to champion against it, even though in the absence of police doing their job, our actions remain on the virtual side of life.
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Photo: Youtube capture
However, it's funny to have stumbled upon this video, after reporting on yet another world record being broken, also having to do with stunt riding.

If you've been following us, you should know about Gary Rothwell's new world record for the fastest wheelie. A Liverpool-based rider, Rothwell had just set a new world record this very summer, when he rode his 540 hp Hayabusa for more than one kilometer (0.62 miles) and was clocked at 197.879 mph or 318.387 km/h.

Eager to show that he can do better, Gary was glad to take part in the World Motorcycle Wheelie Championship. He quickly set things straight with a 200.3 mph (322.28 km/h) run, and only 20 minutes later, blown this new record to smithereens, with his 209.8 mph (337.56 km/h) kilometer-long wheelie.

Now, compare a bunch of two-wheeled street thugs riding dangerously in everyday traffic, always ready to split each time the cops show up and usually complaining and whining when things go wrong, and they get caught or thrashed.

Want to be REALLY cool? Go out there and make a name for yourselves in the real sport world, fellows! Or at least learn from the MAD Kuusa how it's done around the bend, or grap popcorn and watch the Icon Drift 4.

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