Why Tailgating Is Bad for Your Health

Tailgating ends badly 1 photo
Photo: Zone Television
Riding with some buddies is of course, one of the very good ways to enjoy both the pleasure of riding a motorcycle and hanging out with friends at the same time. It also brings tighter bonds in a group of peers, as they discover new things together and develop their friendship. But tailgating when out for a motorcycle ride can also become one’s enemy, especially when meeting the “unexpected”.
Now, any rider in their right mind knows that tight situations can lurk even around the next corner of a very familiar road, so when riding in a group (and even a duo is a group), making sure that there’s enough space and time and space to react in time is a very wise thing to do, especially for those following the leading bike.

The video after the jump shows how nasty things can go when riders are very close to each other and one makes a mistake. Thankfully, this time everyone made it back home safely, but luck does run out. All it took was the leading motorcyclist to make an error and misjudge the turn radius. The second biker got all his attention fixed on the target and involuntarily followed into the wrong path, failing to brake and lean, even though he had solid chances to go around the bend safely.

Luckily for both chaps, there was a secondary road on the right hand, instead of guard rails, a ditch, trees, and you-name-it other types of obstacles which could have led to an ambulance ride putting an end to the outing.

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