Why Rivian Is Asking Some Americans for Help

Rivian is trying its best to make as many deliveries as possible during these uncertain times. The American truck maker now needs your help. No, they’re not in financial trouble. Here’s how you can assist your favorite brand in this unfortunate endeavor or how you can support the free market.
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Rivian is asking Americans from Connecticut to support a bill that would make buying and selling electric vehicles (EVs) a lot easier. Essentially, they want you to talk to your state representative about supporting SB 214. If you don’t have time to learn more about the matter, the company is also preparing a videocall to tell you everything you need to know. All the details can be found at the end of this article.

Senate Bill 214 (SB 214) allows, if enacted, manufacturers of EVs to sell directly to their customers. Fortunately, the document is sponsored by both Republicans and Democrats. You can find it attached down below.

Rivian still wants to make sure they’re heard by lawmakers on the matter. They need this bill to be passed into law because it would allow for selling cars directly to customers in Connecticut. It would also remove any barriers that are currently in place, which automatically translates into developing much-needed local hubs and service centers.

This is also the reason why Tesla has mobile service vehicles ready to assist customers from states that don’t allow manufacturers to sell directly to customers. It's a compromise Rivian doesn't want to be forced into.

Connecticut is known for its tough regulations regarding the activity of companies like Rivian, Tesla, or Lucid. Because of these rules in place today, some customers are forced to have the delivery and service happen in neighboring states. If you’re up for one and live in Connecticut now, then the purchase is handled out of state. Afterward, Rivian will manage the transfer of the vehicle and the registration. It’s an unnecessary hassle.

If this bill is passed, then rules will change in October, just in time for scheduled ramped -R1S deliveries.

In the past few years, all-electric carmakers and truck manufacturers were met with a lot of resistance from the local legislators. While there were more debated issues, only one remained important: buying a car or a truck without a dealer interfering. Eliminating the middleman from the transaction would benefit both the customer and the manufacturer. That’s also why Tesla recently warned its customers from Oklahoma that they might be forced to leave the state. There's a new bill that eliminates, if enacted, the possibility to sell directly to customers. It would also establish a costly licensing process that must be done yearly.

Here's Rivian’s message to its customers and fans from Connecticut regarding the bill: “Want to learn more and get more involved? Rivian’s public policy team is hosting a virtual Advocacy Workshop this Thursday, April 7th at 5:30 PM EST.

The Advocacy Workshop is a unique opportunity to get to know Rivian’s public policy team and learn how to have a meaningful impact at the state level. We’ll explore a range of strategies to help you learn how to make an impact based on your personal interests and strengths.

Please email policy[@]rivian[.]com to register for the workshop or with any other questions about how to get involved. Thank you for helping us keep the world adventurous forever.”

 Download: SB 214 (PDF)


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