Why Putting Your Helmet before Getting On the Bike Is Smart – Video

For starters, as funny as this video is, the mishap shown below is truly one thing which can happen to pretty much all of us, regardless of bike and gender. The fact that the rider is a female is rather pure luck and definitely has nothing to do with a penchant for funny falls. Of course, I don’t expect exactly all riders to agree with me, but I’ll only add that I have seen male riders in much more ridiculous situations.
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Photo: Youtube capture
Dropping the bike while still immobile or when slowly pushing it with your legs in the parking lot on driveway is arguably one of the most embarrassing types of falls and normally attracts the most bitter jokes and remarks, even from friends. Or should I say especially from friends… because I happened to be on both sides a couple of times.

However, you know what they say, no matter what happens, it’s always good when you’re back home in one piece and can tell the story of the day’s ride. As uncommon as it may seem, riders who get serious injuries in such silly crashes are not exactly horror movie scenarios. All it takes is to fall “the wrong way” to break a hand, end up with a badly hurt leg, a head injury or even some missing teeth, like in the stories told by some buddies of mine.

Getting all ready before hopping in the seat seems natural

While limbs are rather hard to protect during these stupid crashes, having your helmet strapped properly in place before you actually get on the bike may seem like a very wise thing to do. Honestly, I can’t remember exactly if someone told me to do so or not, but being completely ready to ride when I get behind the bars seems like the natural way of things.

It’s been some years since I last dropped like a sack of potatoes in the parking lot, and frankly I feel just fine with that. The closest I’ve been to such embarrassment was when I tried to pick the key I had dropped… while still in the saddle of a tall-seated bike. Lucky me I realized how bad things were before I stooped any lower. And I learned to place the key in its rightful place before I get on the bike, as well. As for this lady riding the Kawasaki ER-6n, she's fine and she has most likely learnt a valuable lesson.

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