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Why Porsche Just Gave a $9,600 Bonus to All Its Employees

Porsche just gave its employees an EUR8,600 ($9,400) bonus. This isn't the first and certainly won't be the last such benefit for Porsche's staff and the reason behind these financial incentives is really simple - common sense.
Porsche Panamera S-E Hybrid 1 photo
Porsche delivered 189,850 cars throughout 2014, with the figure representing a record for Zuffenausen and these people know that their cars don't build and don't sell themselves.

Sure, the robots play a crucial role on the production line, just like the badge does in the showroom, but the people are the key here. Porsches have always been about the little details, the sporty driving finesse, assets that can only be achieved when employees put their dedication into overdrive.

The company's 14,600 employees are set to receive an EUR7,900 ($8,700) bonus on the spot, while the remaining EUR700 ($770) will be introduced to the company's VarioRente pension scheme or to a private pension fund.

The sales increase was driven by the introduction of the Macan. Porsche's 2014 turnover jumped by 20 percent to just below EUR17.2 billion ($18.9 billion), while operating profit increased by five percent to EUR2.7 billion ($3 billion).

Speaking of the Macan, even old-school enthusiasts should appreciate the SUV. After all, it is one of the reasons fro which cars like the GT3 RS are still around.

Actually, as some of you know, Porsche has yet to decided the fate of the 911 GT2, so let's just hope their figures get even better, so that we get yet another one of those insane 911 Turbos with more power and less traction.

After all, they are targeting that - "I would like to thank all employees most sincerely for their performance. Once again they did a very good job last year. Of course we should not be lulled into a sense of false security by the success of 2014 – and we should definitely not rest on our laurels. On the contrary, during the current financial year and in the coming years, many new challenges await us and we will have to meet them face on," Matthias Muller, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG said.


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