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Why Jay Leno Doesn't Buy Ferraris

Jay Leno has been recently inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. His passion for cars is known far and wide. Nevertheless, even celebrities have their fair share of problems.
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Jay Leno and FerrariJay Leno and FerrariJay Leno and FerrariJay Leno and FerrariJay Leno and FerrariJay Leno and Ferrari
Leno, for example, admitted publicly that he doesn`t buy Ferraris, even though he knows its complete history and is a fan of what the prancing horse represents. He even explains why!

On a podcast with Jason Stein, Jay Leno said that he likes Ferrari. “They`re excellent cars!,” Leno pointed out. He also claims that dealers are not friendly to be dealt with. Leno says that giving a guy “25k in an envelope” is a wasteful practice.

It seems like the former American TV star has been bugged by this issue since the nineties. After he underlines the ridiculousness of trying to become a Ferrari customer, Leno points out that “buying two Mondials” just to get the actual car you want is not a thing he would have done – and do today.

He continues his small rant by saying that a relationship with McLaren as a customer is much easier to have. Leno bought his car for sticker price and after a couple of months he was offered a free upgrade. Moreover, he was clearly instructed from the start to choose the options that fit his needs the best. The dealership managed to let him have steel brakes, instead of carbon ones. This one deal alone saved him over $20,000.

Jay Leno also says that Porsche delivers a terrific customer experience. This is what, according to him, Ferrari is missing out on.

He ends up comparing being a Ferrari customer with the experience of paying for a dominatrix. “Some guys like to be beaten up and brag about it, but I don`t. They`re excellent cars. You`re spending a tremendous amount of money. You should be made to feel like a customer. And the idea that I have a car for 2 years and then to take it back to Ferrari to get a certificate that costs $25,000 just to prove that is actually a Ferrari is… I just get tired of that,” said Leno.

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