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Why Google Maps Needs Truck Navigation: Dedicated App Sees Record Downloads

Google Maps still lacks a dedicated truck mode, although users have been asking for one on various feedback channels.
Sygic Truck Navigation 1 photo
While Google continues to stick with the standard car navigation feature, as well as pedestrian and biking directions, others are already enjoying impressive success because they decided to offer truck drivers this must-have solution.

Sygic says its truck navigation application has recorded massive growth last year as demand for goods transportation increased substantially throughout 2020 for obvious reasons.

As a result, Sygic Truck Navigation registered a download increase of over 50 percent, with the number of downloads rising from 2 million in November 2019 to 3.1 million a year later.

The overall number of trips driven by truck drivers using Sygic Truck Navigation during 2020 increased to more than 10.8 million. The overall length of all truck trips with the app in 2020 was more than 330 million km,” Sygic says.

In addition, the company says the number of RVs and caravans on the road that use its navigation app has also increased, and this makes perfect sense. With experts telling us to stay away from each other, many started looking for safer ways to spend their holidays, so going on a trip with an RV was a more popular option. On average, Sygic Truck Navigation recorded 100,000 trips per month, with the total number of kilometers exceeding 16 million kilometers (9.9 million miles).

Google Maps is currently the number one navigation app out there, but truck drivers can’t use it simply because the lack of a dedicated mode makes it impossible to be sure their vehicles can fit the roads they are supposed to use. The same thing goes for buses, coaches, vans, and RVs. Google Maps isn’t currently able to generate a route based on the vehicle size and weight, therefore avoiding things like low bridges or sharp curves that could be a challenge for a lorry.


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