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Why Doesn't Ford Make This Awesome Focus Coupe?

Us auto journalists have shown time and time again that we don't know what people want. While we go crazy for the Toyota GT 86, hards of crossovers with diesel engines are sold all over the world.
Why Doesn't Ford Make This Awesome Focus Coupe? 1 photo
So it's probably not surprising that we lust after this Focus Coupe rendering or that Ford will never make such a thing. But in the time-honored tradition of forcing something to make sense, we're going to explain why the world needs a less practical compact.

First of all, we think it looks good. That kind of stuff is supposed to be subjective, which is probably why the Octavia facelift won the Red Dot design award and why people the Juke doesn't provoke convulsions.

I don't know how and why, but the latest Ford headlights, stolen from Volvo, and a coupe body mix to create something that looks just like the Puma. This was an iconic small coupe with beautiful curves and dynamics to die for.

Of course, Ford gave up on the idea a long time ago, but every time there's a new model, the people who make renderings come back to it.

We figure the Blue Oval is big and financially stable enough to make something a little crazy for the masses. a FWD coupe doesn't sound all that fun to drive, but trust us when we say that the ST and RS are as slippery as fish.

You'd also have engine technology that wasn't available in the day of the Puma, like the 1.5 L Dragon engine, rumored to go as high as 275 HP for its next hot hatch application. That sounds like too much for such a small mill, but Ford is the company that made a V6 supercar.

In any case, sound off in the comments section and tell us what you think of the Focus Coupe by X-Tomi. Is it worth bringing to Ford's attention?


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