Why Do Official Convoys Get Special Privileges?

Countries throughout the world give special treatment to official convoys, transporting ‘important’ people around in a hurry. But are we, as normal, regular people not important? Why don’t we, tax paying and honorable citizens get a police escort whenever we’re in a hurry? Is our time not important? The driver in this video tailgates an official convoy (trying to pass it), comprised only of premium cars, with one E-Class and at least thee S-Class Mercedes.
He is doing this probably to prove the exact same point mentioned in the previous paragraph, until he gets stopped by a policeman who tells him to keep his distance from the convoy (our Russian may not be very good, but the word ‘distance’ is quite common). He seems greatly displeased for being stopped, and rightfully so, as he wasn’t really doing anything illegal, and the people driving the cars in the convoy were acting as if they owned the road, changing lanes randomly and without indicating.

However, if you see such an official convoy, carrying ‘important’ people in luxury cars, do not get angry and follow them around, just let the convoy pass and simply ignore it, because thinking about it, analyzing the situation and making ends meet leads to even more anger and disregard for the ‘elites’.
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