Why Car Sunglasses Are Better than Car Lashes

Car sunglasses 1 photo
Whenever we come across a car with headlight "lashes" we really want to meet the owner and convince her (or him) that these are a disgrace to the automotive race and that they should be removed. However, you can't just walk up to people on the street and tell them what to do with their cars. At least not without an alternative.

We've now come up with a solution: if you really feel that you have to place something that looks intended for human on your car, why not ditch the lashes for a pair of gigantic sunglasses? Not convinced? Take a look at the adjacent photos and maybe you'll get the idea...

Still not convinced? Well, you could ask your friends, people on the street, little girls, dogs... anybody will tell you that shades look cooler than lashes!


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