Why Buy a Jet-Ski If You Can Be as Cool as This Finn on His Snowmobile

Antti Leppänen riding his sled on Finnish lakes 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
There are countless videos showing brave, and sometimes silly people riding their snowmobiles across small ponds or streams. When it comes to using such vehicles designed to carry you across vast stretches of snow and ice, on water, even the fails look nice.
That is most likely because this is actually doable, and there is an extremely thin line between making it to the opposed shore and fishing your sled from the bottom of the lake.

Snowmobiles have a wide rubber track with tall treads that grip snow or ice, pushing the vehicle forward. However, when revved high enough, a sled will generate enough thrust to cross a stretch of water.

A matter of minutes, not of meters

From several meters to rides that last minutes, the difference is huge, but Finnish athlete and "stunt freak" Antti Leppänen doesn't seem to care too much. He just keeps on revving the sled as hard as possible, knowing that if he slows down, everything goes down.

The video doesn't tell us if this snowmobile is in stock trim or has been tampered with in order to produce more spin at the track. Either way, this video is simply mind-blowing and we'd like to know for how long this uncanny ride lasted and if Antti made it safely back on firm land.

However, if you fell like replicating such a trick, make sure you meet certain prerequisites. For starters, you should afford the repair costs for the sled, in case you fail. Then, knowing how to swim and wearing a lifejacket is a very good idea. Last and not least, try to talk to someone who has done this and learn some tips and tricks.

Of curse, a boat, diving suit and ropes are a most welcome presence on the shore. Just in case, you know...

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