Why Are People Buying Furniture Made of Car Engines?

It’s been a trend lately and this particular editor is rather enraged by it. Furniture made of car parts simply makes no sense to me and I’ll explain why in the following lines while also trying to keep my anger at bay.
Recently, while browsing that horrible social media platform you know as Facebook I stumbled upon a page that is dealing solely such furniture made from all sorts of parts. Since I am the BMW editor around here, one photo caught my eye more than anything else.

They currently have two coffee tables for sale made from a BMW 4.9-liter S62 V8 engine block and a crankshaft from the same assembly. Coincidently, that happens to be my favorite engine in the history of the Motosport division and seeing it with its guts out like that raised the hairs on my back. The price they ask for the pair? GBP500 which roughly translates to €624 or $798 at today’s exchange rate.

That is simply infuriating for a car guy like me. I simply cannot understand why, in the name of what’s holy in this world, someone would buy such an ugly piece of furniture. After all, that’s what it is, right?

Why would anyone want something like this in his/her living room? It’s not beautiful in any way and it doesn’t show, by any means, that you are a car guy.

If you’re a gearhead, you’ll probably be disgusted by the fact that instead of being used to bring smiles to people’s faces, these bits are now holding your coffee. It’s like you’d kill your dog to keep its carcass inside your living room, to put your feet up while watching TV instead of actually enjoying its company. It’s that stupid!

Nobody in this whole world would enter your house and say "Wow! That’s a really nice V8 block! You must really love cars if you spent $1,000 on it just to hold your cup of tea!”. NO, nobody will do that, get it in your head!

If you’re a true passionate man or woman about cars, you’ll be disgusted, just like I am, and you’ll want to use those parts on a real car to have some fun instead.

There are so many examples of such sweet rides out there I can’t even write them all down here. A plethora of E30 3 Series have been decked with 4-liter V8s and are now bringing smiles to people’s faces around the world.

Furthermore, there are so many people in need of a car worldwide that doing such things is simply disrespectful towards them. If you’re such a mechanical genius that you can tell your guests that the crankshaft they’re looking at comes from a certain model and explain how it works, then maybe you could also put that info to good use and help someone out with a ride made from such spare parts.

For the name of whatever you believe in, stop destroying good (or recoverable) engines just to create ugly, useless furniture! It doesn’t make you look cool in any way and it’s probably making a whole lot of dead engineers roll in their graves!
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