Why a Mazda RX-Vision Fat Shooting Brake Makes More Sense than an Extreme Supercar Version

After Mazda introduced the RX-Vision at the Tokyo Motor Show last week, the internet went on a rendering craze, coming up with all sorts of versions for the Wankel-powered concept car. The pixel dust has now settled, but we’re back with yet another rendering, this time showing the RX-Vision in a fat, shooting brake form.
Mazda RX-Vision shooting brake rendering 1 photo
Yes, “fat” was mentioned, and yes, such a machine (rendering via Rain Prisk Designs) would make more sense than, say, an extreme incarnation of the model delivering supercar-level performance.

Before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at the sheer idea, there's something that needs to be discussed - so far, the Japanese carmaker has only said the RX-Vision is powered by a Skyactiv-R Wankel engine, but hasn’t offered any other details.

Once again, the Internet has gone wild, with rumors going as far as picturing a high-performance hybrid setup. Well, the Japanese carmaker probably needs to stick to the affordable aura of the RX-7 and RX-8, not to pursue the “which is the fastest car in its class?” route.

Keeping up with the practicality standards introduced by the four-seater RX-8 wouldn’t be too bad either. Just look at the Porsche 911 and how its 2+2 layout has helped it maintain the strong identity given by its rear-engined layout.

Many people see Porsche’s competitors, such as the Jaguar F-Type and the Mercedes-AMG GT, as “911 killers,” but they forget these vehicles only offer two seats. Sure, space in the back of the 911 is limited, but you can at least throw a backpack over there or invite your kid to join you for some quality family time in a Neunelfer.

Let's return to Mazda, shall we?

Mazda is certainly waiting for the public's response, so don’t hesitate to express your opinion about the direction the RX-Vision should take in the end.


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