Who Said Custom Toyota Prii Suck?

Well, as long as you follow what we said in the how not to customize your ride tutorial earlier, why not giving your hybrid a little glam? It wasn’t designed for speed or pulling Gs in the corners, so at least you can leave people speechless with its looks.
Slammed Toyota Prius by Kuhl 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Mainly, that’s Japan’s idea of how you can look cool in a ride that has to stick to a 50 km/h (31 mph) speed limit all the time, even on their highways. If they can’t impress by speed, they will by crazy designs.

Bodykits, big shiny rims, lowered suspension or even an adjustable air one, different lamps, LEDs, carbon fiber elements and an interior stuffed with tech will surely make your Prius look like a street god while slowly crawling through rush hour traffic.

If you think a bit, a custom flashy-looking hybrid is not that far from those American land-yachts of the ‘60s, like the Cadillac Eldorado if you wish. It was ginormous, had a lot of chrome, an overall rocket shape if you looked from the side, including the rear fins, it was heavy and was basically a barge that needed like 5 days to hit its top speed.

Almost the same thing can be said with a custom alien-looking Toyota Prius now. It looks cooler than the standard car, it goes slow and, unlike the land-yacht, it also sips fuel. There you go - the Eldorado of the tech age.

And for better visualizing the whole picture, check this slammed Prius tuned by Kuhl Racing. We’re not entirely sure if that rollcage and racing gear has a purpose on it, but we’d surely like to see more of these instead those idiotic donks or old Honda’s with no muffler, rear wing and crap foam-made bodykits.

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