Who Needs EV Fast Chargers When We Have Dutch Ingenuity?

The problem of charging EVs Like the Nissan Leaf, and more specifically the long time needed for a full charge, along with the limited range are two of the main downsides of owning an all-electric car. It can take up to 10 hours to fully charge your EV without the aid of a fast charger, and most people don’t have that much time every day.
Well, the Dutch have come to the rescue. While it has been clear for years that they love everything 'green', they have embraced the trend better than any other western-European nation. Now, they have devised a clever way of charging an electric car, in this case a Nissan Leaf, with 73Km- (45.6 miles-) worth of electricity in just 10 minutes.

While it’s not something we’d recommend, they have managed this incredible feat by burning fossil fuel, a detail which renders the whole exercise pointless, not entirely, however. They pull the Nissan Leaf behind a truck, and thanks to the car’s regenerative braking system, the battery is charged extremely quickly, to the aforementioned mileage. If they had pulled the car behind a fast Dodge Charger, the whole thing would have been even funnier - sadly, they didn't.
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