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Who Needs City Cars?...

... or, to put it better, who cares about "city cars"? There's been this constant talk lately about small cars or city vehicles, perfect for "squeezing" through, "easy to park" and the perfect choice for my neighbor lady who had to try eight times to earn her right to drive/cars on public roads.

Everybody is acting like they're not noticing the obvious: 75% of the people who drive only do it out of necessity because the public transportation is bad, underdeveloped and doesn't offer a single grain of the necessary comfort to a human being.

The idiots in charge of public transportation should no doubt be kidnapped and be put into a one square meter cage in the sun, with no air conditioning and on a stupid chair, hard as iron. Plus, they should also be forced to stay a few hours a day on their feet, hanging on a metal bar put as high as possible and be left to urinate only once per day. In the evening. A few nudges in the ribs from time to time wouldn't hurt either...

The great metropolis centers are crying under the pressure of the amount of cars crawling bumper to bumper and which (obviously) can't find a freaking parking space. Drivers are harassed for illegal parking, cars are being towed away, tickets are flowing, people are getting extremely p***ed off and frustrated, "light" fender benders are increasing and, during all this time, what are the jackasses who should be taking care of this chaos doing? Well, they're inventing new restrictions, lowering the speed limits and are complaining all over the TV that "this can't go on anymore!" and that the city wasn't designed for this amount of traffic.

Meanwhile, the "clever dudes" are rubbing their hands together and introduce model after model, cars that are worse, smaller and more inconvenient, but which are "guaranteed" to offer more space (albeit, technically, the cars are much smaller) and better fuel consumption. Those come at the cost of a scooter engine, horrendously underpowered and amazingly expensive.

A lot of cars are manufactured in countries like India or China for only USD 2-3000, only to be later victoriously sold to consumers at "only" USD 12.000 (without any options included). Although everybody notices these "cars" are inferior and are getting worse, people buy them anyway because, coming back to our problem, they need a means of transportation which is offering them the minimum of comfort.

The problem actually lies in the bad management of cities, the indifference of the people who could change something and in the stupidity which, instead of being eradicated is actually making profits for the gang of aforementioned "clever dudes".

Why do governments support these car manufacturers? In what normal business is there such a high profit margin? Who else can create a product for two dollars only to later sell it for 200 to millions and mission of "numbnuts" who don't have any other choice? What kind of manager gets a few billion from the government because, momentarily, he is in a cash-strapped situation? Think for a minute!

Wouldn't it be easier that instead of giving billions in order to support the "automotive industry" we should maybe build a marvelous public transportation system? Something very cheap that is present everywhere and insures traveling from point A to point B without any hassle, without sitting like cattle on plastic seats and without paying half the wage on the monthly subscription to the subway, the bus, the train, etc.

Cars should only be driven by people who can actually do that, who want that and by people who understand what a car means, what responsibility they have and who, naturally, afford all the costs implied.

We don't need a thousand types of identical cars with only a few centimeters between them and which are getting more expensive. We don't need cars that are powered by 2-3 lousy cylinders. What we need is that cities offer people a perfect, civilized, human public transportation.

As of that moment there wouldn't be so many cars, my neighbor would happily travel by bus, she wouldn't be so uptight at the wheel, she wouldn't have to support the cursing of all the men who were born F1 pilots but are sadly working in a bank and she wouldn't start crying whenever having to park her car. In the end, we wouldn't need to pay USD 15-25.000 on a car the size of a bike, there would be no oil crisis and we, the ones who are truly passionate about cars, would finally get to drive them again smiling, happy, with no worries...


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