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Who Needs CarPlay When a Dash Mod Makes an iPad Look Like Factory Equipment?

While CarPlay is a piece of software that comes in handy for obvious reasons, there are many things that Apple needs to improve about it, and one of them is the app ecosystem that users get access to.
Custom dash mod with 11-inch iPad 6 photos
Custom dash mod with 11-inch iPadCustom dash mod with 11-inch iPadCustom dash mod with 11-inch iPadCustom dash mod with 11-inch iPadCustom dash mod with 11-inch iPad
The release of iOS 14 last fall, for example, came to resolve part of the problem, as it unlocked CarPlay to more app categories, including third-party EV tools and parking solutions.

But on the other hand, it goes without saying that the number of apps currently available on CarPlay doesn’t even compare to the one published in the App Store, and it’s all for a good reason: CarPlay apps need to be optimized for the car experience, so the likes of Netflix and YouTube are obviously not allowed.

And yet, there are ways to the full app experience in the car, and they don’t always have to come down to jailbreaking your iPhone.

Custom dash mods have been around for a while, allowing us to install a full iPad in our cars without sticking with the classic and often bulky tablet holders that look awful.

The Cadillac CTS custom dash mod built by Soundman Car Audio and shared on YouTube is just the living proof of how an iPad Pro can feel at home in a car while also providing the premium build quality that you’d normally expect from factory-installed equipment.

This latest project allows for the installation of an 11-inch tablet that can easily be removed should you want to take the iPad with you when the car is parked.

As we said before, pretty much anyone should be able to build such a custom dash, though it goes without saying it takes a lot of time and skills to get something that looks as premium as the mod you see here, especially if you want the iPad to perfectly blend into the cabin.

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