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Who Needs a Car Anyway? Man Fights With Wife, Walks 261 Miles Without Stopping

This isn’t a world record for the longest unbroken walk, but maybe it could have been – had not the police intervened. One man walked almost 420 km (261 miles) non-stop, without using any means of transport, after a fight with the wife.
Man walks 420 km (261 miles) non-stop for 7 days after fight with wife 1 photo
They do say that Latins are more hot-blooded, but few are probably as hot-blooded as this man, who had to walk for an entire week without stopping just to calm himself after a fight with the wife. The news comes via local publication Il Resto del Carlino Fano, which reports that the 48-year-old man had no intention of quiting and would probably still be walking if the police hadn’t stopped him.

It happened in Gimarra, on the Adriatic coast, when a police car noticed the man walking by the side of the national road. He was limping but, most importantly, he was in violation of local curfew. The man told the officers that he’d stepped out to clear his mind after a fight with the wife, which, to be sure, seems like the most responsible thing to do in any type of conflict situation.

The gist was that he’d “stepped out” some 420 km (261 miles) away, in Como, north of Milan, one week prior. The police ran the man’s identity in the database and found that he’d been reported missing by his wife, in Como, seven days before. He admitted that he went out and started walking, and hadn’t stopped since.

“I walked up to here,” he told them. “I didn't use any means of transport. All these days, I ate and drank because the people I met along the way offered me water and food. I'm fine. I'm just a little tired.”

He must have also been pretty mad, still, given the fact he would have probably kept going. Police put him up in a hotel to rest (on his dime), after establishing that he wasn’t running away from the law or had mental issues that required immediate attention. They determined he was, indeed, exhausted, cold and famished.

When the wife arrived to pick him up, she also got the hotel bill and an additional €400 ($485) fine for violating curfew. The report doesn’t say whether they made up, but this would be the kind of happy-ending this story deserves. Then again, it’s still 2020.


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