When Three Guys Run the Yellow, the Biker Always Gets It

Recklessness wrecks 3 cars and a bike 1 photo
Photo: Youtube
Even though some guys will say than jumping the yellow light is not that much of an offense compared to running the red, this video shows just how much damage can be caused by this altogether illegal move. That is, because in the end it’s the property damage and injuries which matter, in case the penalties, fines and license suspension the police investigations will lead to can be overlooked. And when motorbikes are involved, it’s always the rider who comes off worst when things go out of hand.
Now, this video shows that all the 4 motorists involved in the crash have had something to do with this, and nobody is completely innocent. Maybe the driver in the camera car is the least guilty of the four, as he barely jumped the yellow. Still, if he played by the book, he should have stopped the car until the green was lit instead of slowly driving on. By doing so, maybe he would’ve avoided the collision altogether, too.

The Mercedes and the Audi drivers are obviously as guilty as the rider, as in their case there’s no room for “barely”. At the same time, the rider acted like a moron, because he obviously could see his yellow, yet he decided not to roll off the gas and try his luck through the intersection. If only he would’ve suspected that some other road users were just as eager as he was…

This is almost a textbook example of how to wreck 3 cars and what appears to be a Gold Wing just because someone is too ignorant and decides that a minute-long wait is too much for their daily schedule. Insurance companies are definitely not going to like this crash…

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