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When the Bugatti Chiron Ran Out of Fuel, But Still Made a Hell of an Impression

Anybody who attended many car shows knows that, despite the technological advances that have taken over our cars, running out of fuel is still a common issue during such moments.
Bugatti Chiron runs out of fuel 4 photos
Bugatti Chiron runs out of fuelBugatti Chiron runs out of fuelBugatti Chiron runs out of fuel
And that's because such problems are caused by us humans, regarding how deep of an alert a car sends when it comes to its empty stomach - many shows only allow for a limited amount of fuel to be in the tank, aiming to avoid potential fires, but this shouldn't be used as an excuse.

One of the most memorable such examples took place earlier this year, involving the all-mighty Bugatti Chiron.

The unfortunate happening took place back in August, during the Monterey Car Week - as part of The Quail Motorsports Gathering 2016, Bugatti presented the Chiron and the Vision Gran Turismo.

Well, the Veyron's successor ran out of fuel before making it onto the stage, with the dinosaur juice issue showing up right after a cold start that delivered a delicious soundtrack.

Interestingly, a similar issue happened with the Vision Grand Turismo. However, the Chiron's no-gas moment seems to have been much better sorter out - while the staff had to pour gas into the Vision GT, which can be difficult, the people who helped the Chiron get over its munchies were prepared, using an improvised pump that made the process much easier.

And when you're dealing with a contraption that costs $2.6 million and whose quad-turbo W16 heart deliver 1,500 hp, you'll want to pay attention. And while we're talking Chiron specs, we'll remind you that Molsheim's current machine delivers the kind of torsional stiffness you'll find with LMP1 Le Mans racecars. So here's to hoping that, at least when dealing with such an engineering marvel, those having to take care of the fuel tank do their job, whether we're talking about an owner of an employee.

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