When Nature Wants the Road Blocked, Nature Will Block the Road

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Cops sure don't live a dull life - well, if not for the majority of the time, at least during those parts they spend outside the donut shop. Much like a well-shuffled pack of cards, they never really what's going to come next.
Whenever dispatch comes through, it could be anything, from domestic violence to a bank robbery or the Russians invading the country. And whatever it is, they have to be ready to act, and even though most of the times they only need to go back to what they learned in training, you can't expect it to cover every possible situation that an officer can come across out there.

Take, for instance, the call this 33-year-old New Jersey police officer received. He was called in to assist with a large branch that had fallen onto the road, blocking more than half of it. It was particularly dangerous since it fell right next to a low visibility bend. The cars that went around it on the opposite lane exposed themselves and any vehicle coming the other way to great danger.

First on the scene, he got out of the car and proceeded to examine the situation. Focusing on the more obvious problem of the actual branch, he fails to notice what exactly caused this to happen, and if there are any more trees - or parts of them - that want to go napping on the asphalt. He begins to try and pull the branch out of the way as another patrol car arrives. But before the back-up can even get out of the vehicle, disaster strikes.

One more donut and he would have been toast - and we don't mean the good kind that you can spread butter on, wait until it gets soft, and stuff your face with it. No, he would have been a goner, kaput, history. Mama-tree didn't like how the officer handled the tiny (by comparison) branch, so she decided to go for a dive.

She timed it almost perfectly, but she didn't take into account all those hours our man had spent practicing pulling out the gun. They finally paid off here, giving this chubby officer some pretty impressive reflexes that might have just saved his life. Because his physical condition sure did its best to end it.

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