When 63 Porsches Defied Mongolia's -36°F Cold, Drifting on Ice

As most go-fast automakers out there, Porsche has strengthened its customer driving tuition efforts over the last few years and the results are nothing short of spectacular.
Porsche driving event in Mongolia 1 photo
The most recent example of this comes from the automaker's Snow Force even in Mongolia, which saw no less than 63 Porsches going all out in the frozen land of Yakeshi.

Situated in the far northeastern Inner Mongolia, China, the location chosen by Porsche saw the cars' thermometers showing temperatures as scary as -36°F (that's -38°C).

Those who can't stand low temperatures should worry, though, as it's not always that cold over there. For instance, the average low in June reaches 40.6°F (4.8°C). But hey, the average high for June sits at 71.8°F (22.1°C).

And don't expect guests to have been thrown inside the various Porsche models (the full line-up seems to have been present) and ask to flog the vehicles on snow and ice.

Instead, the... warm-up was done using go-karts, so drivers could get the hang of sliding on such slippery surfaces.

Heck, sliding a Porsche is an overly rewarding activity on any type of surface, but when you know the frozen ground keeps tire and vehicle wear and tear at a minimum, there's nothing that can stop you from hooning the hell out of that Zuffenhausen machine.

And, going past the high costs of such events, we're happy to see high-octane machine drivers receive the proper kind of vehicle manhandling tuition. And, as we mentioned in the intro, we're not just talking about Porsche here. For instance, if you're looking for an example that comes from outside the Volkswagen Group, we'll mention Aston Martin's snow and ice driver training events.

Check out the video below for a respectable taste (yep, food teasers are also included) of the action that took place in Mongolia.

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