Wheel Comes Off Classic Jaguar and Flies Into the Crowd at Goodwood, No Serious Injuries

"No serious injuries." That is all we need to know following the scary incident that took place at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on Thursday. The left rear wheel came off a Jaguar Mark I and flew into the crowd.
Jaguar Mk1's wheel coming off at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 6 photos
Photo: Screnshot | 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed live stream
Jaguar Mark 1's wheel coming offJaguar Mark 1's wheel coming offJaguar Mark 1's wheel coming offHyundai RN22 concept carHyundai RN22 concept car crashing
The Goodwood Festival of Speed has gotten off to quite a dramatic start on July 13. Fortunately, the two people that suffered minor injuries were able to continue their day at the event, according to a statement released by the organizers. But the incident raises safety concerns, because it could have got much worse.

A 1959 Jaguar Mark 1, driven by pro driver Grant Williams, went uphill in Goodwood. The driver performed a slide through turn two, right before the rear left wheel came off. It bounced over the hey barriers, hundreds of feet, and into the crowd.

Standard procedure in serious racing accidents is to cut away the camera that films the incident to avoid the broadcast of possible drama happening at the scene. The last images viewers could see online were of spectators reeling in horror.

The car kept on driving without the rear left wheel, with smoke coming out of the back, before it stopped on the side of the track. The event resumed 40 minutes later with the hybrid McLaren Artura leading a row of supercars going uphill along the 1.5-mile track.

A Hyundai RN22 concept car crashed hard in Goodwood

And the incident involving the classic Jaguar was not the only one that took place on the first day of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The driver of the Hyundai RN22 concept car lost control of the car, veered slightly to the left and crashed into the hey barrier.

Both the driver and co-driver walked away unharmed from under the cloud of dust raised by the serious impact. This time, no one was injured among spectators either. But the event needed a 40-minute break once more, before the track was all cleared.

Built on the E-GMP platform, the Hyundai RN22 is a dual-motor, all-wheel drive concept car with 577 horsepower (585 PS). It is the exact same power that the Kia EV6 GT is credited with. The front fascia of the vehicle is completely shattered. Reportedly, the RN22 that crashed on Thursday is the only such car that Hyundai has. The model might be a preview of the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 6 N.

The Festival of Speed continues. The highlight event is Mick Schumacher driving his father’s V8-powered W02 Mercedes 1 racing car. Michael Schumacher drove it during the 2011 season, before retiring a year later. He will also be wearing his father’s red helmet and overalls.

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