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What’s New in the Latest Android Auto Update Released This Week

Google has recently released a new Android Auto update, but as per the company’s somewhat annoying approach, a changelog isn’t provided, leaving users all alone in their attempt to figure out what’s new in this fresh build.
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And while simply installing Android Auto and looking though menus most often don’t reveal any change, APK teardowns come in much handier, as they also help us have a look at what’s changing under the hood and what features Google might be working on for future updates.

Reddit user shmykelsa, who performs APK teardowns for each new Android Auto release, discovered that version 5.7 introduces some animation changes, and “the most noticeable is the one of the scrolling through the launcher.”

Needless to say, new animations and extra refinements here aren’t necessarily what users expected from Google given Android Auto needs so many improvements, but it’s a cool addition nonetheless, eventually helping to make the experience feel more modern and a bit more polished.

Android Auto 5.7 also continues Google’s efforts for adding support for a secondary screen, with more code added in this regard, and it looks like it might enable support for displays smaller than 7 inches.

And last but not least, this update seems to add support for creating Google Assistant shortcuts that would be added to the Android Auto app screen, though this feature appears to be in its early days and isn’t ready to go live for everybody.

Other than that, there’s a chance that this new Android Auto update also includes more fixes here and there, and without a doubt, this is definitely good news. Users have been complaining about a lot of broken features lately, especially after the update to Android 11, and Google itself promised it would address at least some of them in the upcoming Android Auto updates.

If Android Auto 5.7 isn’t live in the Google Play Store for you, just head over to this link and download the APK installer manually.


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