What’s It Like to Go Shopping in a Supercar?

The modern city is by no means a friendly place to take your sports coupe into. You’ve got speed humps, potholes, manhole covers, ramps and ambiguous intersections. Even if you have a Mazda MX-5, you’re pretty much guaranteed to damage a wheel, so if it’s a Ferrari… be afraid, be very afraid.
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By now, you guys have probably all heard of Paul Wallace, the guy who’s managed to buy an Audi R8 using the money he earned from filming other people’s cool rides. His rise to internet stardom has led many to dream of one day owning an R8 of their own and questioning what it’s like to actually live with it every day.

As Paul points out in one of his older videos, the R8 is about as long as his old Astra, but much wider and lower. It turns out that this makes going up a ramp quite a nerve-wrecking experience and that makes people’s hesitance to drive supercars all day very understandable.

As far as the “supercar” part is concerned, the R8 is actually a pretty civilized ride. The basic V8 version has been designed to be a rival for the Porsche 922 Carrera S/4S, so it’s relatively practical. The ground clearance isn’t that bad, but unfortunately, there are no rear seats that you can use to store extra groceries.

Official figures suggest the R8 has 100 liters of boot space in the front. That might sound like a lot, but it’s basically just your typical weekly shot for one person. If you’ve never played tetris, good luck figuring out how to make the best of that space. Paul is actually being cheeky for the sake of entertainment. Behind his seat, there’s a storage shelf which could have easily taken that last box. But hey, without him driving over the groceries, this would have been a boring clip.

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