What to Expect from the 2015 BMW X4

The new BMW X4 will come out this year in the US as a 2015 model but after a lot of people simply trashed its predecessor, the X6, for being just an abomination in the SUV world and BMW’s universe, what could we expect from the new SAC?
2015 BMW X4 1 photo
Photo: BMW
Various publications already started to criticize it and are calling it another Frankenstein monster or other hideous things. However, the car doesn’t look that bad in the first place and it doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as the Bavarians first attempt at a coupe-like SUV.

Now, if looks can be deceptive, as the old saying goes ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, let’s focus on other areas. From a technical standpoint, the F26 will share every bit and piece with the X3 LCI model. Even some design elements such as the front fascia and interior details are shared, not to mention the iDrive screen and instrument cluster so don’t expect any major differences.

However, the models released are showing more than impressive performances, at least on paper. Unfortunately, if you live in the US, you won’t get access to the best choice of the line-up which is also the fastest at the same time.

We’re talking about the xDrive35d version, of course, another one of those diesels faster than their petrol counterparts, claiming the best performance of the entire line-up. The same can be said for the 335d model, and the 435d xDrive, both of them being the fastest models in the 3 Series and 4 Series range.

With a 5.2 second dash to 100 km/h (62 mph), the diesel is faster than the petrol xDrive35i model by 0.3 seconds, not a lot but definitely noticeable. What’s even more impressive is that the 313 HP X4 is even faster than a much more fancy Porsche Macan, for example. The Macan S, fitted with a 3-liter 340 HP petrol engine and a 7-speed PDK gearbox is slower than the xDrive35d model, doing the 62 mph sprint in the same 5.5 seconds. If you’re going with the diesel Porsche, things are even worse, 6.3 seconds.

Sure, the acceleration times aren’t the only thing that defines a ‘sporty’ car, be that an SUV-like vehicle. The Porsche might be better on the road or even on the track, with superior handling and agility but we’re pretty convinced that the Bimmer will hold its own. Furthermore, how many people looking for such posh vehicles will take them to the limit and actually feel the difference? For most, the biggest adrenaline rush will come from just a stoplight drag race.

Inside, we’re expecting the Germans to have changed the layout, especially in the back, to make room for tall people, a problem that gave a lot of headaches (literally) to a lot of passengers inside the old X6. If this issue was also solved, all the lawyers and PR managers in the world would find the X4 quite a looker and a practical car altogether.

You should also expect it to be a more efficient car that also pollutes less. The new generation of EU6 compatible engines on the cars will emit less CO2 per kilometer than any of its competitors, including the more expensive Stuttgart rival. Fuel consumption numbers show 10 to 15 percent improvements over the X3 which, a quite surprising turn of events, especially since most people deemed the classic SUV a more practical choice from the get go.

In the end, the X4 will probably be a choice for people looking to stand out, people who want to prove that practicality isn’t everything and that you should enjoy life more, sometimes making decisions with your heart and not your brain. Sure, there will be some downsides to the car as well, but as long as you really like what you’re driving, do they really matter that much?
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