What the Hell Is Going on in This Hyundai N Series Commercial?

So after becoming a respected name in the mainstream segment of the automotive industry, Hyundai now thinks it is ready to tackle the higher echelon of performance cars.
Hyundai N Series commercial 9 photos
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Hyundai N Series commercialHyundai N Series commercialHyundai N Series commercialHyundai N Series commercialHyundai N Series commercialHyundai N Series commercialHyundai N Series commercialHyundai N Series commercial
We're no market experts so if that's what its thorough analysis and focus groups told its management, then so be it. It's just that if they questioned the same people as the ones who gave the go-ahead for this commercial for the South Korean brand's N Series range, then we fear the worst for Hyundai's success and future.

We know Halloween has passed, but trust us, if you haven't already watched this ad, your biggest scare this year is still ahead of you. And it's not the kind of leap-out-of-your-chair single jolt - no, this feels like the slow and terrifying descent into the mind of a mentally deranged person.

Why would any company want to associate its image with something like this is beyond us, but Hyundai just did, and we're a little bit afraid for it. And of it. It turns out it was "to stand out of the crowd, to shake-up the staid formula of car advertising, and most importantly to have some fun with viewers." Well, it definitely stands out and shakes up everything we knew about advertising, including the fact it was meant to increase the client's sales, not scare people into never going near it.

There are just so many wrong things going on in this one-minute-long clip that we don't even know what to begin with. You can almost see how the pitch must have seemed funny initially, but the production just turned it into a short horror flick.

If you're wearing headphones while watching this - as I was - you will immediately take them off fearing you too could soon start a career modeling for companies that sell oats. But at least the ladies might appreciate it a little since there are plenty of bare-chested men.

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