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What the Donk?! Pimped-Up Polaris Slingshot Is a Pearl Pink Christmas Tree

When it comes to hi-risers, there's a big debate going on as to what cars can be labeled as donks. Purists will stick to the Chevy Impala and Caprice, but mods based on boxy GMs from the 1980s have become very popular in recent years. Traditionalist or not, I bet you haven't seen a Polaris Slingshot play this game just yet.
Polaris Slingshot donk 9 photos
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Granted, it's not exactly a proper hi-riser, but it does ride on significantly larger wheels. Finished in rose gold and sporting an intricate design, they're definitely of the donk variety. Something you'd slap on a 1973 Caprice and call it a day.

But the 22-inch rims aren't the most ridiculous thing on this Slingshot. The three-wheeler has been repainted in a pearl pink that screams for attention. There's a Predator's head airbrushed onto the front deck and speakers that match the wheels. In pure donk fashion, the steering wheel is also a carbon copy of the rims.

And speaking of the interior, it's no longer the stock, bare-bones cabin of a Slingshot. The sports seats are wrapped in red leather with diamond quilting and flanked by speakers with rose gold accents. Yes, this Polaris packs a premium audio system that turns it into a massive speaker on wheels.

But that's not all. You might not notice it at first, but hundreds of LED lights spread across the body panels, the speakers, and even the wheels. It's also a rolling Christmas tree! Just hit the 2:20-minute mark to see it light up the street at night. Oh, and check out the matching, pearl pink Predator helmet.

Well, I guess there's no use to talk about whether this Slingshot can still perform as it was intended to. All that bling and the audio system must have added quite a few pounds to the three-wheeler, moving it away from its featherweight nature. A stock Slingshot tips the scales at around 1,743 pounds (791 kg), by the way.

But what I really want to know is whether the owner swapped or modded the original drivetrain for more oomph. Polaris used to drop 2.4-liter EcoTec GM engines in these "cars" until 2019 but switched to an in-house-designed 2.0-liter "ProStar" in 2020. The latter cranks out 200 horsepower, but I have a feeling this pimped-up three-wheeler puts more than that on the ground.

Ridiculous or not, it's the most daring Polaris Slingshot build I've seen so far.

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