What NOT to Eat While Driving

Since the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) considers eating while driving is among the most dangerous things a motorist can do while behind the wheel, an insurance company has recently released a top ten list with what they believe to be the most dangerous foods that lead to car accidents. What is the link between eating while driving and an insurance company? Well, drivers run the risk of paying higher car insurance premium if they eat while driving, though this is not among the questions on an application for auto insurance. However, just one accident may increase your insurance rates up to 25 percent. According to the study, the top 10 foods you should avoid eating while driving are:
  • Coffee. Even with a travel lid, hot coffee can find its way out of the opening when you hit a bump.
  • Hot soup. Many people drink it like coffee and run the same risks.
  • Tacos. Any food that can disassemble itself will leave your car looking like a salad bar.
  • Chili dogs. Huge potential for drips and slops down the front of clothing.
  • Hamburgers. From the grease to the toppings, it could end up on your hands and the steering wheel.
  • Ribs and wings. What's more distracting than licking your fingers?
  • Fried chicken. More greasy hands. You've got to wipe them off while you're driving.
  • Jelly donuts. It's not possible to eat one without watching the center ooze out.
  • Soda. Carbonation. Fizz in the nose. Lids that leak. Disaster.
  • Chocolate. Try to clean melted chocolate off the steering wheel without swerving.

According to NHTSA, "Distraction was most likely to be involved in rear-end collisions in which the lead vehicle was stopped, as well as in single-vehicle crashes." As you can see, all the dangerous foods listed above (except for chocolate) are in fact junk foods, which were also proved to be bad for your health. So, why not keeping yourself healthy and alive by avoiding eating them?


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