What Nightmares Are Made Of: Snake Clings to Van's Mirror While Driving on the Highway

There are many things you must pay attention to when driving. But, unless you’re driving through forests or swamps, there's nowhere on the list that you should look out for snakes. But this driver spotted one clinging to his van’s wing mirror while driving on the highway in the UK.
Motorist Notices Grass Snake on Van's Mirror 7 photos
Photo: TikTok / @bristowfilms
Motorist Notices Grass Snake on Van's MirrorMotorist Notices Grass Snake on Van's MirrorMotorist Notices Grass Snake on Van's MirrorMotorist Notices Grass Snake on Van's MirrorMotorist Notices Grass Snake on Van's MirrorMotorist Notices Grass Snake on Van's Mirror
Seeing a snake on your vehicle while driving must sound like a pure nightmare for some folks with ophidiophobia (extreme fear of snakes).

This happened to Charlie Bristow, 25, who shared the incident on his TikTok account, @bristowfilms. Bristow was in the passenger’s seat while his dad, James, drove at 70 mph (113 kph) along the M5 towards Staffordshire in the UK.

As they enjoyed the ride, the driver noticed a grass snake slithering around the van’s hood. You can also hear one of Charlie’s family members say, “bloody hell,” as the snake made its move to the side of the car, before slithering to the top of the wing mirror, while continuously sticking out its tongue. A passenger can be heard saying: “Jesus Christ, I don’t think I have ever seen a snake.”

The snake realized there was nowhere else to go from there and tried to make its way back to the van’s hood. Unfortunately, due to the speed, the creature wasn’t able to get back on the hood and fell on the concrete highway.

Charlie posted the video on TikTok on April 18, writing: “Just cruising down the M5 when this happened.” At one point during the thirty-second video, he wrote: “We tried to pull over but there wasn’t a hard shoulder.” He also added, “RIP lil’ buddy” after the snake fell from the wing mirror.

Bristow shared, via Deadline News: “My dad, the driver, spotted it first and shouted ‘Oh my god there is a f***ing snake there’.” He continued: “My dad steered into the slow lane and slowed down causing the car behind to beep at us. We were probably going 70mph when it popped its head out. We were in the middle lane but quickly moved into the slow lane.

He added: “We really wanted to pull over and save it, but unfortunately it was a smart motorway so we couldn’t pull over.

The video gathered over 25,000 views in a short time and attracted dozens of comments from shocked viewers, many hoping the grass snake made it out of the highway.

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