What Is the Park Seek Mode, and When Will It Land in a Tesla Near You?

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Smart SummonTesla AI team to bring “actually smart” Autopark/Smart Summon functions this monthTesla AI team to bring “actually smart” Autopark/Smart Summon functions this monthTesla AI team to bring “actually smart” Autopark/Smart Summon functions this monthTesla AI team to bring “actually smart” Autopark/Smart Summon functions this month
The Autopilot section on Tesla’s website mentions that a Tesla should be able to drop you off at the destination and then go and park itself. Tesla calls this “Park Seek mode,” but it sounds like the Reverse Summon function promised years ago.
Reverse Summon, as unintuitively as it sounds, is an FSD function that would allow a Tesla to seek a parking spot and park itself after dropping off its occupants. It should’ve been ready two years ago if we were to believe Elon Musk. But, like many things that Musk promises, it took a lot longer than expected. Considering that even the basic Autopark function is almost unusable, Reverse Summon looks like a dream.

We were told a while back that Tesla is working hard on improved Autopark and Smart Summon functionalities. They should be ready this month, but, coming from Musk, I’d take that with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, Autopilot engineers brought back these ideas during AI Day when discussing parking lot improvements. According to Ashok Elluswamy, Tesla’s director of the Autopilot program, Teslas should be able to navigate “from parking lot to parking lot.”

Paril Jain, the Manager of Autopilot Motion Planning, offered more details about the underlying software stack that powers the new features. “We do expect to also include the parking lot stack as a part of the FSD stack before the end of this year,” said Jain, according to “So, that will basically bring us to you sitting in the car in the parking lot and drive till the end of the parking lot, at a parking spot, before the end of this year.”

But instead of the Reverse Summon, the updated Autopilot section on Tesla’s website speaks of a Park Seek mode. A description is offered under the “To your Destination” chapter: “When you arrive at your destination, simply step out at the entrance, and your car will enter Park Seek mode, automatically search for a spot, and park itself. A tap on your phone summons it back to you.”

This sounds a lot like the Reverse Summon function Musk promised in 2020. If this is the same thing, we expect it to offer three modes of finding parking spots based on the owner’s preferences. These include looking for a parking place close to the entrance, a cart return, or at the end of the parking lot. The last option is meant to avoid parking in tight spots for those looking to prevent door dings.

Musk confirmed that the integrated stack is on track for release by the end of 2022 and possibly as early as November. This means that the Park Seek mode should also arrive around the same time, complete with the mirror feature Smart Summon.
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