What If SUVs Burned like Supercars?

It seems that modern technology hasn’t managed to do all that much for supercars when it comes to preventing the infamous... ahem... spontaneous combustion. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, they all burn just as easy. But what if other cars would behave this way, other cars like SUVs for example.
SUV on fire - image manipulation 1 photo
It’s not hard to imagine your daily commute as a scene taking from any Apocalypse-related movie comes to mind. Of course, most of us wouldn’t make it to the office, so it’s best no to go down this road, not even in our imagination.

Thus, is order to stay safer, we think it’s better to leave the words behind and illustrate the idea with the adjacent photo, a fine piece of imagine manipulation.

Photo via: GF Williams Photography on Flickr


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