What If Bentley Removed the Roof from the Mulliner Batur? Theottle Shows the Result

Bentley just made at least a whopping £29.7 million ($35.099 million at the current exchange rate) after selling all 18 units of the new Mulliner Batur even before it introduced its new car. The new automotive piece of jewelry starts at £1.65 million ($1,95 million) without taxes and options such as 3D-printed 18K elements, such as the dial. That shows the British brand would quickly sell 18 other units of the same car if it just made a convertible out of it. The rendering artist Theottle just showed us what such a car would be if Bentley liked the idea.
Bentley Mulliner Batur Convertible by Theottle 20 photos
Bentley Mulliner Batur Convertible by TheottleBentley Mulliner Batur Convertible by TheottleBentley Mulliner Batur Rear ProfileBentley Mulliner Batur Side ProfileBentley Mulliner BaturBentley Mulliner Batur Aggressive Front ProfileBentley Mulliner Batur Bespoke GrilleBentley Mulliner Batur Unique WheelsBentley Mulliner Batur Looking Angry on the RoadBentley Mulliner Batur Active SpoilerBentley Mulliner Batur Mean Front End DesignBentley Mulliner Batur Side ProfileBentley Mulliner Batur Exquisite InteriorBentley Mulliner Batur Acoustic PatternBentley Mulliner Batur Custom Hyperactive Orange StitchingBentley Mulliner Batur 18 Karat Gold DialBentley Mulliner Batur Bespoke IndicatorsBentley Mulliner Batur Interior DesignBentley Mulliner Batur Interior Design
Using a Continental GT Convertible, Theottle removed the roof from the Mulliner Batur and made it look like Bentley had already sold 18 units of this cabrio. Remember that convertible vehicles are more expensive than the vehicles that originated them. In other words, Bentley would make north of £29.7 million should the idea move forward.

It is not necessary to say that the Mulliner Batur with a soft top would present the same engine as the regular car – or the most powerful W12 any Bentley has ever had. The 18 vehicles that were sold have 545 kW (731 hp) and 1,000 Nm (737.6 pound-feet). This is probably the last configuration this engine will ever present before emission regulations make it kick the bucket. Future Bentleys should be hybrid or powered solely by batteries.

Exclusive vehicles such as the Mulliner Batur never face depreciation issues if they get other derivatives. Anyway, Bentley could also call the convertible something else entirely, making it look like an independent model. That would work to ensure wealthy buyers that they will still have something very unique.

We do not doubt the same people who bought the Mulliner Batur would buy its convertible units, whatever Bentley decides to call them and regardless of what the British brand wanted to charge them. If they don’t, other people with deep pockets should already be in line for the privilege of being invited to spend £2 million on a machine only they know about.

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Editor's note: The gallery presents images of the regular Bentley Mulliner Batur.


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