What If Audi Expanded Into Your Living Room With a Home Air Purification System?

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Photo: Kim Hyeonseok / PDF Haus
Audi Air FilterAudi Air FilterAudi Air FilterAudi Air FilterAudi Air FilterAudi Air FilterAudi Air FilterAudi Air FilterAudi Air FilterAudi Air Filter
Most people who have an Audi keep it in their garage. Now, it seems Audi wants to break down your walls, enters your living room, and settle itself neatly in a corner.
No, it’s not the next Audi vehicle model, but rather an idea that spawned from the work of a South Korean designer, Kim Hyeonseok, and a local establishment, PDF Haus. Together, they have created an air filter.

That’s right folks. What we see isn’t some turbo-charged engine, but rather a piece of active home furnishing. It's active in the sense that it doesn’t just sit there and look pretty like a couch or a vase - it’s actually supposed to do something.

But what brings about an idea like this? We have no clue. It could be boredom or a sales pitch towards Audi, we just don’t know. This air purifier is a lot like life. It has happened, it’s here, so deal with it.

Audi Air Filter
Photo: Kim Hyeonseok / PDF Haus
What we do know is it was inspired by the Matrix headlight design the auto giant uses as a signature. But because a headlight would be a really small air purifier, here we see that headlight design pulled and stretched, almost to the point where we actually have to tell you what it’s shaped after. If you’ve seen the Porsche Design sound system we ran during Porsche Month, then you would understand what I mean by component that is easily recognizable.

But there are some reasons for the stretched design. The first is that being an air purifier, it needs to move quite a bit of air, cleaning it in the process. This more extended design enables a higher surface area of air to be moved. Secondly, it is a piece of furnishing. That said, it needs to present itself like one.

To do so, the stretched design once again proved to be a favorite due to its resemblance to a home theater speaker. This allows it to fit absolutely anywhere, and does so in stunning Audi glory. It can be set next to a TV, in the corner of a room, or even as a centerpiece.

Audi Air Filter
Photo: Kim Hyeonseok / PDF Haus
Now, the way it works is this. The front is also the part with the display, and where the Audi seal can be seen. Starting about halfway up, we notice what appear to be like gills on a fish extending to the right and left of that solid central beam. That's where the filter pulls air into its purification area, with the gills shaped in such a way as to offer maximum filtration.

The only other component on this thing is a control panel at the very top. Although, aside from the power button, we have three other buttons for humidity level, airflow strength, and mode selection.

As to what sort of tech this is all done by, we don’t know for sure. Maybe it uses a HEPA filter or possibly cleans the air we breathe through ionization. Until Audi or some other company pays up for this conceptual design, there’s really no point in worrying about the tech, just the general idea is enough.

So I'm sorry if I led you on there at the beginning; to make things clear, you can’t just call up Audi and ask them for this new air filter because it's an independent creation.
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